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"Wash Me" Releasd 2017


Jay's brand new CD released 4/7/2017. Includes 15 tracks, with a bit of a "raw" sound but still features a "miss mash" of rock based genres. 

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"Dream's & Nightmares" 2014


Jay's debut CD released in 2014,  includes a mixture of rock tunes in many different styles, There are 18 original  tracks and cover a period of Jay's life from 2003 to 2013.

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Multi-dimensional performer

Jay Solo Acoustic & Vocals


For a more intimate setting I can play solo with acoustic guitar. I can "rock it up" if needed.

Jay Solo and Foot drums


For a more fuller sound I can also incoporate foot drums I play along with my guitar and harmonica too. I can also utilize a drum/bass machine. I often hear people say I sound like an entire band.

Duo or band


For very special occasions or when I feel like having fun playing with my friends I can do a duo (with another guitar or stand-up bass) or a full band. I have also played with a cellist on occasions. (Pictured with Rick Hillman)