Hi, Who better to write my bio . . . I'm Jay Regan and thanks for dropping by to check out my music and my site. PLEASE sign up for my mailing list, not only will you get the opportunity to grab some FREE music, but you will also get to learn more in depth and personal information about me and my music. (Oh boy!) See link below this bio.   NOW ON TO THE BIO . . .

The short version is that I am Jay Regan, Philadelphia born, singer songwriter, and live performer. I am a veterern of the Philly original music scene but now playing mainly as a solo vocalist/guitarist. I play some other instruments as well.

I have spent most of my life singing and playing, and other than my family, it's what is most imortant to me. My music is a combo of folk, rock and r&b, generally.

I have released two independent CD's 2017's "Wash Me" and my debut CD in 2014 entitled "Dreams & Nightmares".  Please feel free to message me on Twitter or email and again thanks for being here and peace, health & happiness.