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Huffington Post Review of 2017 "Wash Me" album

 “One of the better tunes on the album is “March of the Romans,” a classic rocker replete with brass and an organ, along with protest lyrics that vilify large corporations. The arrangement is excellent, with lots of layering: horns, drums, guitars, giving the song a big band feel. And I loved the high-pitched background vocals. Despite my complaint about the production values, Wash Me is a first-rate album. Jay Regan has mucho talent as a singer/songwriter. Wash Me is original and creative.”

- Randy Radic, Huffington Post (Apr 23, 2017)

Other Reviews "Wash Me"

 “Playing a myriad of different genres on his latest body of work, Regan has released a lively and colorful collection of music that will attract fans of 90’s bands for its nostalgic and carefree style. While the record does not have a clear path, where Regan is concerned, this doesn’t matter much as each song stands on its own, ready to connect with its own group of listeners.”

- Lauren Gribble, Listen Here Reviews (Apr 26, 2017)

 Jay is back with another collection of raw rockin’, pure jammin’, aurally stimulating goodies with Wash Me. The foundation of Jay Regan‘s music is definitely rock and roll but he infuses that foundation with his own blend of elements from southern rock, classic rock, acoustic rock and Americana to create a modern but familiar mix of good ole fashioned rock and roll. From the opening Whiskey Song to the closing Insomnia, Wash Me is the perfect addition to any rockers music collection. Jay’s song crafting skills, his musicianship and his years of experience set him apart from the average independent musician and guarantees a much needed consistency that never disappoints.”

- Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music (Apr 24, 2017)

2014's Dreams & Nightmares Review

 Jay Regan: 1 cup love, a pinch of peace, 2 tablespoons flowers, and ¾ cup butterflies. Generously add some country folk and Americana. Soul and funk to taste. Blend well and you’ll get this week’s featured band; Jay Regan aka Just Jay. Although Singer/songwriter Jay Regan is often described as modern day 60’s protest music, his combination of rock, alternative, R&B, and folk place him in a genre of his own. Since the early 1990’s, Jay Regan has dominated the Philadelphia music scene being both the guitarist, and lead vocalist of the former bands Dezire and Today We Live. It wasn’t until May of last year that Regan secured his solo career by the release of, Dreams & Nightmares, his debut album. Influences such as Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Jason Mraz are often visible within his work, and Dreams & Nightmares is available for download on”

- Carley, Gashouse Radio (Jan 26, 2015)

‘Wash Me’ an Eclectic Collection of Great Life Stories

"His latest release, Wash Me, released April 7, 2017, is a fine collection of feelings, adventures and plain ol’ great songs.There are a lot of lessons here. This is an album that is full of melody. Some melodies sound a little familiar, but it’s the unique voice and arrangement that make these retro sounds new again.Our favorites on this simply good album are “No Place To Turn,” “Little Fish,” and “March of the Romans.”  It was no easy feat creating this album of great music. And Jay did it all himself as he sings and plays guitar, foot drums, harmonica, keys and just about everything else that you hear. The album is self-produced and well-mixed and mastered for all the different platforms to boot."

- John Daly, East Coast Rocker (June, 2017)

Album View: Jay Regan's Second Album "Wash Me"

" Combining different styles of music into one album is never an easy thing to do, but it doesn't seem that troublesome for Philadelphia based acoustic rocker, Jay Regan. The musician recently unleashed his second album entitled “Wash Me”, which is an exciting mix of his basic rock root with many other genres, from Funk, Country, R&B and more."

- Dewa Nugraha, Rock Expert Blog, June 6, 2017

Fan Comments (not my parents)


I could totally picture you sitting on the stage next to Kenny Wayne Shephard, playing acoustic. Your song "No Place To Turn" gave me that feeling. After listening a little farther and replaying a few others, "Lovely Day" and "Road to Oblivion" made me think a lot of Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac! I would honestly see one of your shows! Kick back, drink a beer and listen to soulful sounding music 😃


I've had a listen to your music.  Great voice!  I can see different influences from many artists but also originality there too. I youtubed you and will now listen to get me through the humdrum of housework!

Jay B.

Thanks for the songs man that was good. My wife and I really love your voice and what you've put together thank you! You kind of have the sound of the Beatles.

Mindy B.

Hey! I love music!  variety of music styles!


Yeah we really like No Place to Turn. :-)


Cheers Jay, just checked your tracks out... wow you have loads on there, all great quality country rock style, love the live high energy, tracks 3 and 4 are my favourite, I can hear the Travelling Wilburys and the eagles in your songs along with George Harrison, have you got a record deal yet ? Should have one